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A Reason To Survive (ARTS) is a 
 non-profit organization whose mission it is to heal, inspire and empower at risk children who are facing adversity. They provide arts programs, education and employment opportunities.

Some of the biggest challenges non-profits have to face is being underfunded, understaffed and undervalued. We believe they should never be underestimated. ARTS, like many non-profits, simply does not have the resources for big, visible marketing campaigns, or even enough to hire marketing consultants for advice. Since we began our relationship, when ARTS was an outreach-only organization, with a virtually nonexistent budget, they knew they needed to take a nontraditional approach to their non-profit.


ARTS’s challenges didn’t stop us from helping them get some real traction for the cause, through meaningful brand awareness—and not to mention helping them raise funds through targeted communications.

We’ve handled every detail with a passion to help and a desire to build a brand that gets people inspired and empowered to make a heartfelt difference in the world.

Cognizant of financial realities and driven by the desire to keep as many dollars as possible in their programs and services budget, we’ve used resourcefulness and creativity to keep cost down. This has included shooting custom photography, utilizing internal resources for content and keeping a close eye on vendor costs.


Since beginning an ongoing relationship with ARTS, we have provided the organization with award-winning communications with real, tangible results. ARTS has gone from an out-reach only operation to one that boasts an over 5,000 square foot Arts Center. They’ve added countless programs and continues to serve a growing number of children.

We believe that if you build a viable brand, no matter what the business, be it that of selling, informing or helping, the right audience will want to be a part of it. Fortunately, there’s an exceptionally compassionate audience out there for ARTS.